Susan Marie Vinci - Spiritual Visionary /  Feng Shui Consultant / Interspecies Communicator
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Meet Susan...

As a gifted clairvoyant consultant and medical intuitive, readings with Susan enable one to focus on issues within the body as well as their Source, thus creating an atmosphere of wellness and transformaition. Health readings, while in trance, most often include viewing of "models" ranging from bioenergetic depicting nerve and muscular involvements, visceral and lastly, skeletal. Chakras may also be viewed in addition to acupressure, foot reflexology instruction and nutritional guidance.

Clinically trained in the laboratory with a graduate degree in education, she has also been an energy balancing practitioner and was an instructor for the American & European Massage School and Clinic in Raleigh. Her classes included the "Spiritual Philosophy of Client-Therapist Relationships" and how to properly apply dynamic Universal Laws in one's life, plus insights of energy fields and therapeutic color. Susan's services were donated to the Wake County Centennial Celebration 2001 to raise money for the Library Trust Fund throught silent auction. She has been a guest speaker for the North Carolina Chapter of Survivors of Suicide through Holly Hill Hospital. Her newsletter, Light Reading, is authored quarterly for her clients. Susan has created the Animal Soul Class for Lifelong Learning Community Services in Wake County Public Schools.

Susan has read for clients around the country, the Caribbean and Europe since 1995. She has assisted with the finding of lost animals, communication with the Other Side and has recently read for expectant mothers in addition to confidentially helping many health care professionals including veterinarians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, chiropractic physicians, clinical psychologists and oncologists. She is especially fond of her work involving communication with our beloved pets including those who have crossed over the Other Side. Using her unique gift, she has been able to once again connect you with your loved one, seeing what they are doing now as well as who is keeping them company on the Other Side.

With Blessings of Love and peace in your life...


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