Susan Marie Vinci - Spiritual Visionary /  Feng Shui Consultant / Interspecies Communicator
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Clairvoyant counseling
Career counseling
Medical intuition
Interspecies communication
spiritual readings

Susan Marie Vinci is a gifted clairvoyant consultant and medical intuitive. Appointments with Susan are available through private phone consultation sessions.

clairvoyant counseling
career counseling
medical intuition
interspecies communication

Mourning the Loss of Your Beloved Pet… Wouldn’t it be comforting to know what they are doing Now?

An experienced reader for more than 20-years, Susan brings to her clients a gentle, compassionate understanding of the special bond between pets and their earthly families and is able to receive their thoughts as well as feelings to share with you.

Please allow spiritually gifted Susan Marie Vinci to assist you. Through her unique gift, she is able to once again connect you with your loved One and inform you as to their whereabouts as well as what they are enjoying and who is keeping them company on the Other Side. It has been known to happen that they appear before her in Spirit and actually sit and wait in her consultation room for “mom” or “dad” to call.

Readings are completely confidential and are in timed appointments of 30 minutes, 1 hour or 1 ½ hours. Sessions are also available for our animal loved Ones who are still in Body and experiencing daily challenges.

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