Susan Marie Vinci - Spiritual Visionary /  Feng Shui Consultant / Interspecies Communicator
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Interested in learning more? Susan teaches a Feng Shui class as part of the Wake Technical Community College Continuing Education.

Wake Technical Community College
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Feng Shui, which literally means Wind and Water, is the profoundly creative and intuitive Chinese art and science which utilizes contemporary knowledge to design, create and select the most suitable living conditions for your personal and professional environments.

The practice of Feng Shui addresses concerns with regard to health and well-being, family matters, relationships, finances and career simply using interior and exterior designing elements such as mirrors, wind chimes, plants, fountains, stones, and color to name a few. Balance and harmony are quickly restored with the implementation of principles and techniques called Cures. The actual placement of furniture for maximum energy flow is considered as well.

Susan Marie Vinci is a practicing consultant in the art of Feng Shui as well as an instructor. She has been invited to speak for the Asian Culture Group at GE Mortgatge and other seminars on the topic of Feng Shui. Irina Bennett, a local Realtor, offers Susan's Feng Shui consultation services as a gift to her clients when they purchase a home through her.

Appointments with Susan are available through private phone consultation sessions.

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